Ready to Write (Again)

I wasn’t sure I was ready to write again. I’ve always been a bit bi-polar when it comes to blogs – questioning their value while at the same time appreciative of their niche. They are both self-absorbing black holes into which we whisper (too often) unfiltered thoughts, as well as valuable sounding boards where we can develop our voice and discover our worth. They are unnecessary and yet useful.

It goes to figure that after a nearly two-year hiatus I am back. Feeling an itch to develop my voice and needing a space to articulate my passion, I’m back at the blogging. I make no promises that it will be interesting. It will most certainly not be focused. But I will do my damnedest to reflect those attributes which I have come to value in the blogs to which I gravitate: consistency, creativity, and honesty. Sans editors and deadlines, blogs are at their best a space to be apologetically and beautifully yourself. And that is precisely what i intend to be – just a twenty-something girl married to a thirty-something guy. Trying to do good, create beauty, and just generally rock it.

Wish me luck, won’t you?

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