Letter to a Lover

I wish you could see you the way I see you. The dark African sky has nothing on those eyes of yours, the hills have nothing on those sun petal lashes

Don’t you get it? We’re all just happy to stand beside you, to spin in your universe, to cradle our head in the crest of your shoulder and to linger a little longer in your presence. You don’t need to be any more than you already are.

Your heart is worn torn across your face, clear for the world to see, too painful for my eyes to bear. You don’t have to be strong all of the time. Let me be the rock. Crumble, dissolve and then we’ll pick you back up. Together. Better for it.

See you like I see you.

A perfect partner. A weathered soul. An honest lover.

See you like I see you.

Strong enough to crumble and brave enough to break.

So fall already. For me. For you. For this life that is yours for the taking. Just fall.

Where do you go when you don’t’ know what to do? When the world spins madly on as you twist violently in its wake? Where do you go when the cards aren’t stacked in your favor and you’re gambling against the odds, again? Where do you go when you’re tired to the core, exhausted by optimism, when all that’s left is just enough energy to muster another shot, to wake up tomorrow to try again? Bring me to that place.

And then ask yourself, what if you can’t get back up until you’ve actually fallen down? What would you do tomorrow if that was all it took?

Maybe we should try being honest for once. Say exactly what it is you are thinking. And then everything that you feel. And I want to hear all of it. Don’t stop when it starts stinging, but purge until your guts are empty. Until your eyes burn blurry and there’s nothing left to heave.

Then I’ll sink to the floor beside you.

Wallowing together in our own mess, because it never was yours to claim. We crossed that milestone ages ago, sometime between the coffee and the interstate. And then again in the red dirt. And then again on the coast. And then again in the rain.

It’s not just you. Never was. Never will be.

Hear that.

And then steady yourself against me. We’ll sit on that floor awhile, soaked in our own tears, and we’ll be fine.

Wet. But fine.

Empty, finally.

We’ll hit the bottom so we can look nowhere but up, once and for all. And then let’s rest there awhile. Realizing just how good it all still is.


Because even at our worst, its still better than the best of most. Just a blank slate of possibility. A moment you’ll pine for sooner or later. A win-win to be claimed as our own any way we spin it. And spin we will.

So whatever happens today, know that I won’t have left your side. Slouched together in the corner. Bracing for the news. Hoping for an option.

Being. Together.

Good Luck.

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