I have a love-hate relationship with academia. Perhaps I’ve said this before, or just hundreds of times in my head. I love the potential that the academy possesses to initiate great change. I love the knowledge that is being generated, I love the soft pervasive buzz of keyboards chattering when you pass through the halls. I love it for all that it enables me to do, but the truth of the matter is that I kind of hate all that it is. I hate that the writing is so dry, the modes of communication so stale. I hate that so much time is spent thinking, processing, and considering rather than changing, actualizing, doing. So many dreams are born with the halls of academia, within the cocoon of coddled inspiration, but they are actualized out there – out there where rules have to be bent, where creativity is more useful than methodology, and intuition is more valuable than expertise. Out there resourcefulness is a survival tactic and your wheels must spin a little differently if you are to survive.

I need a bit more balance. A happy medium between here and there. A middle space from which I can stretch my legs and extend my reach. I need a little more out there in here, and today I have my eye set on how to get it.