The Day After the Day I Gave Thanks

Things I love and for which I am grateful:

Health and Happiness and Security. Being loved by the man I love. My fireplace. The view of the lake from my dining room window. The view of the city from my living room window. Earrings. Having family scattered across the country to fall into. Having friends around the world to be inspired by. The smell of fall. Rain on my face. Snow days. Down slippers & wool sweaters. Long walks. Bare feet. A man who loves to make me dinner, or at least who pretends to. Colorado blue skies. The holiday season. Morning runs. The prospect of Christmas being just around the corner. Checking something off the list. Scarves. Open windows and down blanket nights. Sunflowers. The opportunity to spend my days learning from the experts. A sense of purpose. Hot showers. Bright walls. Dinner parties and a dozen bottles of wine. Wooden floors. The feeling of pajamas at the end of the day. Scheming adventures. Having a posse. Christmas music. The start of ski season. Working towards something bigger than me. Dirt roads. Green grass all year round. Naked between the sheets. Sore muscles. Dancing in the kitchen. Discovering an old artist that everyone else has already written off. Tickling. Socks on wood floors. Hammocks. Dog ears. A paperback book. Maps. Coming home. Going home.