Calling Seattle’s Bluff

I’m quickly becoming a skeptic. Every day the box on the screen, the voice on the radio, it promises rain. EVERY day. So, being a good Seattlite I don’t let it stop me and I pull on my rubber boots and I haul a raincoat and then it never rains. Like one out of ten times, maybe. But almost never. I’m sick of hauling the damn raincoat, and the rubber is starting to blister my toes. Enough already. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Just be honest for once! And this is coming from the eternal optimist. From the girl who when faced with a gloomy 40% chance of rain will always counter with, “But that’s a 60% chance of sunshine!” But enough already, enough with the empty promises.  Like the little boy who cried wolf, I can’t take you at your word and that is pathetic. Do better.