A Day Just for Doing

I am exhausted by the academic pursuit of knowledge.

There are days when the universe just has too many words in it, when it’s better that I just listen to the constant hum of futility, when it is painfully apparent that there is just too much already known and so little actually done. We don’t need new theories, not right now anyway. No new questions to answer – at least none that won’t just lead to new questions. No proposals of possible acquisitions of undiscovered truths.

What if for one day all the brain power and man power of the world was put towards actually doing something? Building a house. Cooking a meal. Rocking a child. Painting a canvas. Paddling a river. Holding a hand. Caressing a soul. Climbing a rock. Giving a shot. Wiping a tear. Hiking a trail. Knitting a sweater.

What if we didn’t outline methodologies, follow protocols, develop new procedures? What if we just did that which sits right in our soul, that which we all know is the right thing to do. Why should I take a course to put a methodological competency on my resume when I could do more, do better, or at least do comparably if I just went out there and trusted my gut?

What if we cut the shit and jump straight to the purpose?

Since when did we not know enough to do something with?